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What is Nvayo and is my money safe?

Nvayo is a UK company registered in England and Wales and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to issue Electronic Money (Reference No: 900005) and is a Principal Member of Mastercard. Our authorisations and membership allow Nvayo to conduct various financial activities on behalf of its clients.

Money sent to Nvayo is held on deposit in the UK and European banks in accordance with the Financial Services Authority requirements for Electronic Money issuers.

Nvayo is required by law to have procedures in place that prevent and detect illegal activities such as money laundering and fraud. This means Nvayo must know and understand our customers and the payment transactions they perform. We work with established market leading transaction monitoring and KYC verification companies to ensure all funds and activites are compliant. Before we open an account or perform a payment transaction for a client, we must satisfy our “know your customer” and “know your transaction” checks. Nvayo continually monitors the status of our clients and the activities they perform.

Nvayo provides a range of financial services to AU Card LLC for several trading brands including:

Aurae Lifestyle

Aurae Lifestyle

Aurae is an exclusive and premium lifestyle membership program that includes a bespoke solid gold payment card and financial solutions catered specifically to ultra-high net worth individuals. Membership is by invitation only and includes access to Aurae’s prestigious social calendar, concierge services, travel discounts, and financial services provided by Nvayo. Learn more about Aurae here.
Aurae Lifestyle


ClubSwan is a luxury, members-only experience for digital citizens. Members have access to travel discounts, 24/7 virtual assistant, shopping services and financial services provided by Nvayo including money transfers, payment processing, and multi-currency accounts. Learn more about ClubSwan here.
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